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Virtual Medical Care

Medical care is lacking in New Mexico, especially Men's Health, which is why we offer virtual visits done over the phone if you are unable to be seen in Las Cruces.

The process is simple:

  1.  Call our office to schedule your initial lab work.
  2. The lab work is done at a lab close to you and the results are then sent to us.
  3. Once we receive your results, we will call you to schedule your initial visit over the phone. This visit is treated like any other doctors appointment but just done over the phone. We will obtain a thorough history from you and assess your symptoms to determine the best treatment options.
  4. If testosterone replacement therapy, growth hormone optimization, or additional treatment modalities are indicated, we ship the medication/syringes/supplies directly to you!
  5. We schedule regular virtual follow up appointments to ensure treatment is working and to address any side effects or concerns. All Alpha Medical patients can schedule unlimited visits at no additional cost!

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